Lemon, Lime buzz

Take a look at what the media has to say about ANGOSTURA® LEMON, LIME & BITTERS.

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Chilled magazine volume 11

Before every shift, especially at your standard cocktail-focused bar, you will find more of these freshly squeezed citruses than any other mixer. Lemon and lime are two of the key ingredients for bartenders to be able to provide their patrons with balanced serves of both their signature and classic cocktails. Angostura®, famously known for its aromatic bitters, has leaned into the significance of these two citrus flavors by bringing its Lemon Lime and Bitters premium sparkling beverage to the United States. Click to download the full article.



Host Chat - Jeremy, Joy, and Kelly from June 11. Click to watch the segment.


Chilled magazine volume 12 - recipe feature

This season, mix up some unique cocktails created by top chilled 100 members using angostura lemon, lime & bitters. The nonalcoholic beverage is caffeine- and gluten-free, made with pure cane sugar, and the only soft drink in the world made with angostura bitters. Click to download the article.


Lillet spring cocktails press - recipe feature

Cocktails, Refresher Spritzers and Sangrias. Click to download the article.


Imbibe Magazine - DRINK OF THE WEEK

We simply can’t get enough of the refreshing sipper. With a contrast of snappy citrus and the dry, spiced notes of angostura bark, the drink is craveable on its own, but also tastes great with a dose of white rum, gin, or rye whiskey. Click to read the full article.